Xiaomi Mi 9 Phone – New Awesome Features

There is nothing as interesting as being updated on the latest bombshell, can’t help but being current.

These smart phones just keep blowing our minds every time with new designs and so many added development. There are so many products from different companies,  each with a unique touch. Well, this article is aimed to put you through what’s new about the Xiaomi MI 9 phone that I recently learned about.


The Xiaomi company is privately owned. The company designs, develops and sells smartphones, other consumer electronics including android based OS. The company has a skin for it’s android phones and tablets and so they try to make new designs, each product better than the last one. Okay…. Enough about the company, just keep reading and you get to find out the latest about Xiaomi phones.

There are so many Xiaomi phones and tablets, which I will be listing a few; we have the Xiaomi Redmi note 6 pro, Redmi note 7, MI play, Black Shark Help, MI mix 3, Mix max 3, MI 8 explorer, Redmi 6A, Redmi Y2, MI 3, MI 4, MI 5 and many more. No…. Don’t stop reading, it’s a process……


The MI Mix 3 – this comes with 10GB of ram and a dual camera setup on the back of the phone. It has dual frequency GPS, android pie and many other features.

MI 8 Pro – the MI 8 Pro is a combination of high and specs, affordable price, a premium design and even comes with 8GB of ram. It also features a dual camera on the back. This phone also comes with a fingerprint scanner, a 6.21 inch full HD + display and has more interesting features.

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Xiaomi Black Shark Helo – where are my gamers? This was specially designed for gamers. The awesome Black Shark edition includes features like a 6 inch full HD + display, 4000mAh, 10GB of ram. It also has more gaming features like an integrated liquid cooling system to avoid overheating. A customizable LED stripes on the sides and also support game pad attachments that makes playing games a lot more enjoyable.

Now to the latest bombshell…. I am about to blow your minds, just scroll down..


The Xiaomi MI 9 transparent edition will soon be released in two days… Now, this edition comes with tripple the RAM of your average laptop, interesting, right?? In just 48hours,  Xiaomi will annouce their latest smartphone with 12GB RAM and this edition comes with a transparent back, a 48mp primary rear camera lens with F/1.47 aperture. Who is ready for pictures?? Well, that’s just the latest on Xiaomi latest edition. I don’t think we have seen the end of it just yet but I will be sure to keep you posted as soon as I get more.  

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