Leaked Playstation 5 Devkit and Controller Pictures

DualShock 5 and DevKits
The PlayStation 5 is the most anticipated console in the gaming community. Although there has been an official announcement about its launch yet. Heck, we are not even sure that is the name (Playstation 5) Sony is going to give it.

Source: Reddit

There has been an increasing number of leaks surrounding the PlayStation 5 console and its related hardware on social media. There are some images of the DualShock 5 controllers that have been made available on the internet, but the general public has come to a conclusion that they are all fake. It’s quite obvious that gamers are eager to hear the news of the release of the next PlayStation console.

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PS5 Controllers and DevKits Currently Trending the Net

What about the recently leaked PS5 hardware pictures? Some renowned personalities like Ray Sekiro and many others shared an image of the DualShock 5 controllers on the internet and it has garnered attention from the public.

Source: Twitter/ Ray Sekiro

The surprising thing is that when comparing the pictures of the gadget shared by many people, they all bear a striking resemblance in terms of design. But what if one of those devices is a prototype of what Sony is actually working on? We can only speculate for now till Sony gives an insight on the PS5 to the general public.

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