Apple iPhones Latest Designs 2019

Apple has undoubtedly released lots of gears over the years and this year is not going to be any different. It has been reported that Apple is set to launch a ton of gear this year and some of these gears have been on our wish list.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has laid out their hardware plans for the year and these includes new iPads, MacBook Pro, and lust-worthy new monitor. In this article, we will be discussing one of the new devices features, design and probably the price.

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New Apple iPhone design

We will be looking at the new design changes to the new iPhone either for protection or just cosmetic beauty.

The Triple – Lens Camera

First of all… WOW! The first feature that has been illustrated for the 2019 iPhone is pretty bizarre. A triple – lens camera on the rear of the handset, that’s pretty interesting.


The next one is an iPhone that folds… The android phone market is getting fascinated with folding devices right now… Starting from huawei, and I know for sure that Samsung is definitely packing theirs. We just have to think that iPhone is going next.


I heard that the notch on the X-series I phones displays some mixed emotions, while others may find this really distracting, some other people just appreciate that Apple has really used every millimetre of the potential screen. I’ve got new though, rumors suggests that the notch could get kinda smaller this year or might even disappear altogether.

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There is the waterproof charging port… This is so insane.

previous I phones have been more water resistant but the existence of charging port will always make the water resistant difficult. Well, Apple could be planning to Chane this design, the charging port would be made from a deformable material that would expand once connected.


We have the screen too, the most important piece of iPhone. The screen is the medium which you interact with your phone. As for the screen size, we are not really expecting a different or a new size for the forthcoming iPhone. There could be some new resolutions though.

Bilateral Charging

This might just be the biggest bombshell. Bilateral charging refers to the ability of a device to both charge and be charged. We have only see this feature in laptops, iOS devices, Ipad pro but rumor also have it that this feature might be seen in forthcoming iPhone.


Well, these are the few features of the new iPhone set to launch this year. Apple also plans to launch a MacBook Pro with a 16 – inch to 16.5 – inch display with all new designs. There are no much details about the MacBook yet but will definitely keep you updated soonest. Let’s us know what you think.

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